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Cantilever Pump Manufacturer

With the use of modern technology, we are into manufacturing range of Cantilever Pumps. This Pump has bearings to support, and an overhung shaft that extends to the sump or tank. These bearings are mounted outside the liquid level so that they are never expressed to the pumping fluid.

Cantilever Pump is considered a centrifugal pump configured with the impeller submerged in the fluid to be pumped. Cantilever pumps are primarily used in applications that comprises of abrasive, solids laden liquids. Our Vertical Cantilever Pump is highly applicable in Handling hazardous fluids and slurries, corrosive chemicals, Molten salts, High temperature liquids and Molten metals.

Features of Cantilever Pump :

  • Low maintenance
  • Automatic switching is possible.
  • High reliability and rugged construction
  • Pump can run dry
  • Shaft cooling eliminated